Market Research

Regardless of the product you sell or the industry you’re in, there are three basic ways to increase your sales:

  • Sell existing products to new customers
  • Sell new products to new customers
  • Sell new products to existing customers

Notice that two out of three of these strategies require finding new customers.

Whether you’re looking to enter a new market or to gain a deeper understanding of your existing markets, Latitude 18 can help you find untapped opportunities and create a strategy to capture them.

Our experience includes market analysis, product rationalization, and new market research for industrial companies, as well as market studies and growth projections to guide investment firms. We combine analytical data with VoC (Voice of Customer) information to develop a roadmap for your sales growth.

To discuss how customized market information can help you achieve your sales goals, contact us at 704-750-9054, or email us for a complimentary consultation.